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The BNM Alumni was registered under the Registrar of Societies (ROS) on 1st April 2011 and has the following objectives :

1) To encourage fellowship and networking among Alumni members and current staff of Bank Negara Malaysia

2) To provide a platform where Alumni members can meet and interact on recreational, intellectual and social activities

3) To ensure two-way communication and good rapport between Alumni members

4) To support the ideals, tradition and good name of our alma mater

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YBhg. Tan Sri Mohamed Basir Bin Ahmad
2013 - 2014
01 January 2013

Message from first Alumni President...

The Kelab will publish important and useful information relating to such things as Kelab privileges, activities, updates of Alumni members and of course, important events and alma mater, Bank Negara Malaysia.

We hope to foster a closer relationship and expand networking among Alumni members as well as to build a durable link with our alma mater.. read more

YBhg. Tan Sri Mohamed Basir Bin Ahmad worked as Advisor at BNM from 1965 to 1993. Tan Sri had served the Bank in various capacities.



The following persons are eligible to be members of Kelab Alumni BNM:

All ex-staff including retirees of Bank Negara Malaysia with not less than 15 years of service with Bank Negara Malaysia

All other ex-staff with less than 15 years of service, subject to approval by Bank Negara Malaysia

The following fees are payable to become Kelab Alumni members

  • Entrance fee - RM50
  • Annual fee - RM30

To those members who have not paid their annual fees of RM80, please be informed that payment can be made in the form of direct payment to the Alumni’s bank account (Public Bank Account No.: 398925226) or by cheque made payable to Bendahari, Kelab Alumni Kakitangan Bank Negara Malaysia and banked accordingly into the aforesaid Public Bank account. All evidence of payments are to be forwarded to our Treasurer at the following address:

Encik Kamari Zaman bin Juhari
Floor, Lanai Kijang
Jalan Berjasa
50480 Kuala Lumpur
No: 017-3657711
Email : kamari1108@gmail.com or razmansham@gmail.com