Message from Chairman


Dear Alumni BNM,
It gives me much pleasure to write a few words on this occasion of the inaugural issue of a newsletter of Kelab Alumni BNM. I consider the publication of BERITA ALUMNI a landmark event in the short history of the Kelab, which was formally registered on 1 April 2011.
I hope that you will find BERITA ALUMNI useful. Through BERITA, the Kelab will publish important and useful information relating to such things as Kelab privileges, activities, updates of Alumni members and of course, important events and alma mater, Bank Negara Malaysia. Through these and other ways, we hope to foster a closer relationship and expand networking among Alumni members as well as to build a durable link with our alma mater.
Building our membership base was a priority of the Executive Committee since the Kelab’s inception. It was not an easy task for various reasons as many retired BNM staff live in other cities and states, issues which the Executive Committee will need to regularly address. To date, we have only 60 members, a very small proportion of the total ex-BNM population.
In this connection, I hope Alumni members will actively help to expand the membership base by getting ex-BNM friends to join the Alumni. Alumni members enjoy many privileges and benefits, which are set out separately in this newsletter and which I strongly urge Alumni members to take advantage of. Together with various planned Kelab activities and networking possibilities, ex-BNM staff should find joining the Kelab to be very beneficial.
It is opportune at this point for me to extend my gratitude, on behalf of Executive Committee and all members of Kelab Alumni BNM, to Bank Negara Malaysia and in particular the Governor, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz, for the generosity and demonstrable support the Kelab has received before and after its inception. This support came in many ways, among them office facilities for Kelab management and use of dining and sports facilities at Lanai Kijang for Alumni members. I am also grateful for the cordial negotiations and understanding shown by BNM during the period before the Kelab was finally registered and formally established.
In closing, I take this opportunity to wish all Alumni members good health, good fortune and all the very best for the years ahead and look forward to your active participation and support. Thank you.


Tan Sri Basir Ahmad

YBhg. Tan Sri Mohamed Basir Bin Ahmad